3 Important Mistakes to Absolutely Avoid in Website Design

An article by Brudson Media

We now live in a world led by design, and this has only been intensified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, it is essential that businesses have and maintain an online presence. With more and more people needing to take their needs online, current circumstances are not something you can ignore. 

As a result, the e-commerce industry has become incredibly competitive. It has changed user habits to such an intense degree that anything less than great website design is bad website design. To that end, we have enumerated a number of design mistakes you should definitely avoid in your website. With no further ado, here they are:

Mistake #1: Clutter

One of the fastest ways to get users to leave your website is to overpopulate and overcrowd it. Having too many pictures, using too many colours, employing too many moving graphics, and so on can make it difficult for users to find the information they are looking for. Your call-to-action might end up lost in the mess. 

It might be tempting to give it all to your user the moment they land on your website, but this is a recipe for disaster. Do not be afraid of negative space, especially since this can serve to emphasize the content that needs to be emphasized. 

Mistake #2: Unreadable copy

Web designers now have the challenge of creating websites that are readable on all types of devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Some of the qualities of readable copy include:

  • Choosing legible fonts
  • Using font sizes of 16px or more
  • Using the 1.6 times the font size rule for line heights
  • Emphasizing important information using bold text
  • Writing shorter sentences
  • Aligning text to the left and not to the centre

Depending on your website and the devices you expect it to be explored on, you might have other concerns. Whatever the case may be, make sure to test the website on different devices before making it public. 

Mistake #3: Not having a search box

It is not uncommon for users to head straight to your search box after they land on your website. Having a search box is especially important for e-commerce stores with a wide range of offerings. After all, your customer would hate the task of going through all your product pages one by one. 

To emphasize how impatient internet users are: studies have shown that even a delay of two seconds can cause up to 23% of your visitors to exit your website. This could mean potentially thousands and thousands of dollars worth of lost business. Sa such, your website must be easy to navigate and fast in all the ways that matter. 

Final thoughts

Good website design goes hand in hand with success in e-commerce. Investing in the skills of a well-vetted web design agency can prove an integral weapon in the fierce competition on the internet. With a good grasp of the mistakes you have to avoid, you could enjoy profitability even during the pandemic. 

If you’re looking for the help of a web design agency in the UK, send us at Brudson Media a message. Each website we create is completely bespoke and custom-designed around your business, specifications, and sector.