3 Tips to Make Your Website Global-Friendly

An article by Brudson Media

Whether you’re a start-up or manage a larger corporation, many businesses strive to expand their market reach and go beyond borders sometime in the future. Thanks to the power of the internet and this hyper-connectedness in today’s digital age, reaching a global audience is possible with just a few tweaks in your website’s code. 

While there are various ways to improve your brand awareness and build a solid customer base across different countries, that doesn’t mean your website is optimized for everyone. You need to ensure your website is built for a global market, and here’s how you can do it: 

Tip #1: Improve Your Page Loading Speed

In a fast-paced world, consumers expect websites to load as fast as three seconds. Going beyond that mark can increase your bounce rate as users prefer to browse in fast-loading websites, so be sure to optimize your page loading speed to ensure your global market can have a positive browsing experience. 

Tip #2: Integrate Translation Tools 

If you’re catering to consumers worldwide, you need to break down any language barriers and ensure everyone has the chance to understand your content by integrating a language-translation tool on your website. 

Google Translate, for example, is one of the best and simplest ways to boost your global-friendliness since it can translate multiple languages. The only drawback to free tools such as this is that the integrity of your message may be lost in translation, but it’s still better from excluding your content from non-native English speakers. 

Tip #3: Consider Data Privacy Laws

Keep in mind that your website may not be readily available in different regions and countries due to changing data privacy laws. You may need to make necessary changes in how your website collects data depending on the country. 

For example, visitors located in the E.U. need to follow the newly updated Global Data Protection Regulation, while there are tweaks you need to consider for other countries like the California Consumer Privacy Act in U.S. regulations. 

Some of the changes you need to take into account include your cookie notifications and privacy policies, so it helps to understand your audience and consider their varying data protection laws. 

The Bottom Line: Developing a Global-Friendly Website

Businesses that strive to go above and beyond reaching global customers need to develop a website that is accessible for all. Some of the most important factors to consider are your content transcreation, which will impact the influential power of your content and whether or not it will appeal to the right audience. 

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