4 Ways to Boost Your Online Ranking With an SEO-Friendly Website

An article by Brudson Media

One digital approach that often gets overlooked but proves to be an essential part of online marketing is search engine optimisation (SEO). By focusing on how you produce content effectively, you can expect your web pages to gain a corresponding ranking on search engines.


If you learn to transform your website and make it SEO-friendly, you can get more chances of luring search engines to check out each one of your web pages and find that they’re worth indexing. It means that you will appear on users’ search engine results and gain more visitors.


SEO works to increase your online ranking and offer significant traffic for your website, whether consumers come from your marketing campaigns or through organic searches. It can also help e-commerce sites and social media platforms to reach even more clients. 

Keep reading below to find out how to apply SEO to your website.   


Use Relevant Keywords


Incorporating the right keywords is an integral part of SEO. It’s what leads users to your website based on the terms they use to search for specific products or services. You will need to do some research to figure out what your target audience needs and what they usually look for online.


If you don’t know what relevant keywords connect your brand to your potential customers, you can ask an SEO agency to help you out. They have the right knowledge and expertise in dealing with online marketing. You can also use a keyword planner if you’re on a tight budget. 


When you plan to apply SEO to your website, it will help to add keywords on your page titles and the descriptions of your blog posts, including your headers and subheaders. Distributing keywords will help boost the chances of your website appearing on search results.  


Optimise Your Images


You shouldn’t base your web content purely on text alone. You need to throw in a couple of images to balance it out and avoid overwhelming your visitors with too much information. Similarly, your visual assets should also be optimised by using keywords on your image titles, descriptions, and tags.


You should also make a habit of creating an ALT attribute for your images to describe your photos in two to three words, throwing in a few keywords for SEO. Make sure that the terms you’re using are relevant to your images so that your visitors will find them useful. 


Develop a Mobile-Friendly Website


Making your website mobile-friendly means establishing an online channel that prioritises mobile screens. That way, consumers who tend to browse through websites on their phones won’t have a difficult time navigating through your web pages.


A mobile-friendly website can improve your online ranking as well. It speeds up your site’s loading times and utilises a website design and web layout explicitly built for mobile. Eventually, you can make your website compatible with desktops and other devices to address the rest of the needs of your customers.


Fix Your Links with SEO


Your website links can also significantly improve your online ranking. You can edit the URL of your web pages to include keywords and information about your brand, so users and search engines can easily tell what your web page is about. 


If you want to focus on SEO, your URL must be relevant to the content it provides and the keywords you’re planning to use. You also have to make it short and straightforward to make your links more understandable.




Managing an SEO-friendly website in this day and age is necessary if you want to uplift your online presence and reach a broader target audience. You can start by using relevant keywords, optimising your images, making your website mobile-friendly, and fixing the links of your pages. Doing so can guarantee improvements and increase the online ranking of your website over time.


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