4 Ways To Spice Up Your Website For Christmas

An article by Brudson Media

‘Tis the season to be jolly! Online shopping has become a part of the new normal—and online retailers such as yourself are definitely looking forward to the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. This is a valuable opportunity to make your business known and to sell more products to your target audience. 

With that said, your website needs to reflect your enthusiasm for the holiday season. You may want to consider adopting new ad strategies and a new website design that is specific to this time of the year. 

Here are some ways you can get your business ready for Christmas:

Give your branding some holiday cheer

Have fun with the holidays! Give your branding some Christmas spirit and find a way to dress it up for the season while remaining true to the values and personality of your brand. Consider using bold background colours and playful fonts to really hype your business up.

If you’re not sure where to start, think of whether you can change your background, banners, promo images, and logo icons for Christmas. Don’t just put a Santa on your logo—let your imagination run wild!

Use email marketing to stand out

Email marketing is more effective in the days that lead up to Christmas. This is because people are busy browsing through products that they can gift to their family and loved ones. Use this opportunity to remind them of your business and suggest other items that they may be interested in—you’ll find that this is the season to upsell!

Use specific landing pages for Christmas promotions

Google usually takes a few weeks to rank new content, so we recommend starting on your holiday marketing campaign as early as September. This way, your business will already have a good listing and ranking position in Google by the time that the actual holiday season rolls around. 

Christmas-specific landing pages are a great idea because it makes your website design feel more personalised and engaging. It participates in the holiday cheer that many shoppers are experiencing during this period. These landing pages are also useful for highlighting and grouping all of your Christmas deals and offers together so that browsing through your products is more seamless for your viewers. 

Finally, these also give you more leverage in SEO, as search engines detect that you have more content and pages, making it likelier to increase your rankings!

Don’t forget your Call-to-Actions

As an online retailer, you should prioritise the message and form of your CTA. CTAs may just be a few lines of text or a small button, but these are often the tipping points for viewers that are still on the fence when it comes to buying your product. We recommend crafting CTAs that create a sense of urgency on any seasonal discounts and sales that you are offering, and using segmentation where possible on sale specifics.

Design is also an important aspect of the CTA; after all, it needs to stand out to the reader. Try experimenting with the colour red and a contrasting secondary colour. Make sure that the copy is straight to the point and emphasises important categories in your business.  


Your website is responsible for converting visitors into paying customers. That’s why it has to be an accurate representation of your brand’s identity and products. However, it can get boring when your website remains stagnant for too long! This is why switching it up for the holiday season is such an important part of promoting sales.

Brudson Media is a website design agency that caters to clients around the world. Beyond website design, we also offer SEO and e-commerce services. Don’t miss out on all the opportunities to grow your business during the holiday season—we understand that planning for this time can become overwhelming. Book a consultation with us today so that we can help you get started!