5 Tips to Improve Overall Website Optimisation - Our Guide

An article by Brudson Media

Web design is an integral aspect of any business website. Whether you are wondering how to start an eCommerce business or planning to be a service provider, you’ll need the best website design available. The growth of a website relies on how easy it is to navigate and visit. Thanks to the power of search engines, online visibility is highly reliant on website design elements that reduce bounce rates. 

Always keep in mind that the more unusable or poorly optimised the site is, the more people will refuse to do business with you. One thing that many people look for in a business is how legitimate and well-produced their website looks. If you are experiencing a low point in your sales and conversions, it’s time to invest in website design services. 

Here are tips to slowly improve the optimisation of your website through better design:

1. Produce a Style Guide

When it comes to website user experience and developing the user interface, there has to be a unified style guide to consult. This guide provides the overarching themes that make a business’ design well-produced. Included in the guide are the colour palettes, shapes, fonts, and other elements of design. Businesses have succeeded thanks to a great style guide for all their digital marketing schemes, whether it is for campaign design or even SEO writing. 

2. Always Test!

Testing is essential when running with anything design-related online. Website design comes with plenty of coding and proper programming to make things run smoothly. This complex code is why some updates to a website’s user interface or design can result in errors in the process. Broken links and page elements can lower your business’ search engine results page score, which can negatively impact SEO ratings. 

Checking for dead links and testing all elements of a site before publishing it will help ensure that you used only the best website design techniques. 

3. White Space Is Important

The more white space you can put on a single page, the better it will look. Modern website design agencies will always try to stick to a minimalist design for all pages. This clean, uncluttered look is more attractive to visitors, as they won’t be confused by other elements. Making a page easier on the eyes and putting people through less of a visual rollercoaster when browsing is a great way to boost overall conversions. 

4. Work On Navigation Tools

Navigation bars must always be used when including all site elements. This provides a tree of information for people to find the right pages, eliminating the extra time spent clicking through numerous links to locate what they need. 

The navigation bar can include a categorised page directory to provide a more comfortable user experience. When everything is easily accessible, and the right elements are included to promote your business’ best products and services, you will boost SEO scores and overall growth of your site. 

5. Page Speed Is Important

If you are running a growing eCommerce site, this will entail a more significant number of visitors on your website at different times. During peak hours, this may cause your site to slow down and even crash if too many people log-on. High website traffic usually occurs during sales or with high-demand product releases, and these errors can harm your sales. It can also damage your business’ image. 

The trick here is to invest heavily in server hosting services. With these solutions, you’ll enjoy better scalability in terms of servers, along with increased reliability when running eCommerce services. 


Website design and development is something that many business owners are starting to explore. The world of design changes every few years, and what worked for websites a decade ago is now obsolete. Make sure you hire the services of a great website design agency to find the best optimisation for your online business today.

Brudson Media is a premium website design agency that provides the best website design techniques and styles of the 21st century. With an ever-evolving knowledge base on website optimisation that we employ through cutting-edge design, your business will never look stale. Contact us today to know more about how we can help your business grow!