First Impressions Matter: 3 Key Pillars of an SEO-Friendly Web Design for Your Business

An article by Brudson Media

Websites are now one of the leading digital marketing solutions that can make or mar the success of businesses today. The right structure can tip the scale and give start-ups a fighting chance against larger-than-life corporations in this competitive market, giving companies its unique edge.

Moving away from its lackluster design in the early days of dial-up internet, web design has become more sophisticated as it combines aesthetic appeal with functionality. Part of the factors that give purpose to web design is implementing SEO principles that can make your websites effective and visible.

Some of the key pillars that ensure web design can make it crawlable, relevant, and enriching includes the following:

Factor #1: On-Page Optimization

As mentioned, web design goes beyond the cosmetics of your website. While a visually engaging site can catch user attention, it won’t reflect on your ranking if it’s not optimized. With that in mind, ensuring your web design includes on-page optimization can bolster your performance.

Creating an easy-to-follow structure, for instance, promotes a seamless navigation wherein both search engine crawlers and end-users can have a smooth browsing experience. After all, an orderly information architecture increases the overall readability of your site.

Factor #2: Mobile-Friendly Design

In a digitally-oriented landscape, there are 5.15 billion active mobile phone users across the world. A higher percentage are switching to smaller screens when surfing the internet, which means that mobile devices attract the most traffic today.

Many businesses create a compelling website with the complete package – the looks, a great feel, and killer content. However, your ranking can quickly plummet down if it is not optimized to mobile screens.

A design that doesn’t conform to the appropriate format, context, navigation, and image size to the device your readers are using can hurt your SEO positioning, making mobile responsiveness one of the most crucial factors you need to consider behind a successful web design.

Factor #3: Optimized Website Code

Gone are the days of flash-dependant pages. In today’s fast-paced world, users expect to experience quality content in a speedy set-up, making CSS or HTML more reliable for rendering your website code.

When adding visuals to add character to your web design, using SEO-optimized code ensures you can deliver eye-catching results without compromising your website’s performance.

The Bottom Line: Dressing Your Website to Impress At First Glance And Boost Your Rankings In The Long Run

If you’re looking to bolster the performance of your website and boost your online presence, fusing SEO-friendly practices and results-oriented web design is crucial. Beyond looking pretty, optimizing your site can do wonders for increasing your ranks in search engines, so it helps to work with a professional that can build a website structure that your target audience and Google will love.

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