Outrunning Your Competitors Through SEO—A Basic Guide

An article by Brudson Media

In today’s competitive world, no matter what industry you belong to, you can expect to find businesses struggling to aim for the top spot by utilising endless marketing strategies and tactics. If you’re up against more prominent names in your niche, it’s possible that the secret to their success is using search engine optimisation (SEO) and focusing on marketing and reputation management.


If you want to get a chance at improving your brand, then it’s essential to follow in their footsteps and consider developing an effective SEO strategy that can help improve your brand awareness and customer engagement. Keep reading below to find out how to use SEO to beat your competitors, create an image for yourself, and lure in more customers effectively.


Combine Consumer and Industry Marketing


There’s always going to be competition everywhere you go. What you need to do is to achieve visibility and introduce your brand to consumers and fellow businesses in your industry. It’s essential to be recognised by buyers and your competitors while focusing on having a good reputation at the same time.


By applying SEO marketing, you need to learn how to use informative, transactional, and commercial keywords to guide consumers to recognise your brand and your products. You can also consider focusing on branded content by producing articles that compare your business to more prominent names in your industry.


Besides that, you can try tapping into sub markets where there is less competition to worry about and more chances to gain brand recognition from niche groups. 


Perform a Competitor Analysis


Belonging to a competitive industry has its perks where you can find yourself benefiting from the businesses around you through initiating a competitor analysis. It should be part of your SEO strategy because you’re basing your methods on what works and what doesn’t for others.


That way, you can gain knowledge and learn to apply the right methods for your business without worrying if it’s the right thing to do since you’ve seen how it has affected your competitors. When you do a competitive assessment, it will help if you focused on ranking signals at the macro and micro levels.


When it comes to macro signals, you should take note of the keywords your competitors are using, their website structure, local SEO tactics, new content, and link usage. Meanwhile, micro signs involve their web page structure, internal linking structure, off-site marketing strategy, partnerships, voice search optimisation, and customer reviews.


Manage Your Online Reputation


You can expect to maintain a close distance with other businesses if you belong to a competitive niche. Even though you’re leading one moment, you can expect to fall behind the next if you aren’t too careful, especially since they’re most likely to have an SEO company helping them with their digital marketing methods as well.


That’s why you shouldn’t wait around until search engines stumble upon your site to give you an online ranking. Instead, you should be the one to make an effort to promote your content across the web to build your reputation and speed up your chances of getting noticed by more people.


By focusing on reputation management and monitoring your customer reviews and engagement on your social media platforms, you are maintaining your online presence. You can stand out further by sparking conversation regarding your brand and getting more users to become familiar with you and what you have to offer.



Incorporating SEO to your digital marketing strategy is an effective way to stand out from the competition and achieve your company’s goals. You need to find out what your competitors are doing, learn the loopholes, and apply the tactics accordingly by developing your own SEO methods. 


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