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A website is a businesses most value digital asset, make sure it reflects your business how you want it to. Brudson Media takes a 1-to-1 approach to learn the business and cater the design and user experience to suit you.

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Why does your business need a website?

A website is your number one online marketing tool which works for you whilst your business is out of hours. Having a simple landing page will put you in the top 53% of small businesses, but why not get a professionally designed website that you can be proud of.

Brudson Media websites have proven to be the missing link in some businesses, providing a user friendly design and powerful analytics to show where and how growth is happening.

Reach more people

There are around 5 million Google searches per day and without a website, you'll appear in zero of them. People are constantly searching for businesses like yours, so make sure you have a website to reach them.

Increase leads

Gaining more traffic to your website will inevitably increase your potential leads. You can use these leads for marketing campaigns to further increase their buying potential.

Bespoke design

Your business is completely unique and we think your website needs to be completely unique too. You can have a hands-on approach if you're interested or you can leave it to us.

What do you get?

Your website is designed, start to finish, completely bespoke. We first identify what message you want to give to your customers and incorporate the design with that framework in mind. We hope to get the initial design to you within one week but that is subject to how big the project is. Brudson Media assist you in getting your domain name and can get an email address with your domain name, for the complete professional look.

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