Making great websites more accessible

We are passionate about giving local businesses the opportunity to have a great website for their business and making it affordable.

Our mission is for every business to have a website they're proud of

Brudson Media is led by Brett, with years of experience developing websites and a certified Webflow Professional Partner. Brett leverages his network to make every clients idea come to light.

We love to create websites which work for local service businesses and help them grow. Over the last 3 years we've helped over 40 clients reach that goal and continue to grow beyond.

years creating websites
websites built from scratch
to build a website (avg.)
Certified Webflow Expert
Our Journey

The story so far


Started created websites for friends and family to get experience and build a portfolio.


Decided to transition freelancing as a Web Developer exclusively on the website creation platform Webflow.


Became a certified Webflow Expert after passing all 4 exams and tests verified by Webflow staff.


Pivoted towards a full-service web designer and collaborating with other professionals to help smaller businesses grow quicker.

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