Website Jargon

Website Terminology Definitions

I made this table to help break down some of the barriers that industry jargon creates. If you think there are more I should add, please contact me.

Website Term




Shorthand for Search Engine Optimisation. The process of optimising your website for search engines like Google so your website appears higher in the search page results.


Words that a website will rank on search engines for. For example, Brudson Media would target keywords such as 'Web Design Company' and a local electrician may target 'Electrician Bury St Edmunds' as their keyword.

SSL Certificate

Shorthand for Secure Sockets Layer Certificate. This certificate shows your web browser that the website is secure and any data (like payment information or personal data) you enter is private. You can see if a website has one by if there is a little padlock in the address bar in your browser and the website URL will begin with 'https'


Shorthand for Content Management System. This is the database behind the scenes which allows your website to use dynamic content, typically used for blogs but can also be used for projects, team members, a gallery and this list of website jargon and more.


The amount of time, typically shown as a percentage, in which your website is live and running without issues.


Keeping your website on the worldwide web. This is a recurring expense for every website.


The name of your website followed by .com etc. (referred to as a 'Top-Level Domain'). For example, our domain name is '' and our top-level domain is '.com'.

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