How to make your Webflow website more accessible

May 24, 2024


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Having a website that is accessible to all is crucial in 2024 and can really make the difference for people with visual impairments. If visitors can't use your website, they won't be becoming a customer which means you could potentially be leaving money on the table that can be fixed in 10 minutes.

Around 20% of the population have disabilities

How to make your site more accessible

By default, Webflow doesn’t have any ‘accessible’ features per se. When designing your get previews of 8 different visual disabilities but nothing to help visitors which suffer from something else. This means your website is inaccessible to potentially lots of visitors which means you could be losing out on new customers and revenue.

That’s where accessiBe helps.

accessiBe is a great tool which helps visitors choose settings to get the best experience of your website possible. They are Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant and have partnered with hundreds of disability organisations and made a huge difference to the web.

aceessiBe uses AI and machine learning in their Access Widget to make your website more compliant on autopilot, ensuring everyone can always use your website. They also have a dedicated page for Webflow users looking for an ADA compliance app for Webflow.

Here's how to get set up with AccessiBe

Also take a look at their official Webflow guide

1/ Sign up at and activate your 30 FREE trial

2/ Go to Installation to see all the customisation options

3/ Customise your widget by adding your brand colours, language and where to position the trigger in your viewport. On the right you can preview changes and what it will look like on desktop and mobile

4/ Click the Copy button to copy the installation code to your clipboard

5/ Go to Webflow, navigate to your project settings and click on Custom Code

6/ Paste the code into the Footer Code section and click Save

7/ And publish your changes to your production domain

You've successfully made your website more accessible!

That was easy and only took us less than 10 minutes from sign up to publishing!

Not sure how accessible your website is? Scan your website to see if you’re compliant

This review was written in association with accessiBe


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