Is it worth having a website?

February 2, 2024


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Cost of having a website

Spending the time and money to have a website designed, built and maintained can be discouraging for businesses. However, the cost of a website might be less than you thought.

The biggest cost will come from having the website designed and built, then a smaller monthly fee to maintain and host. On average Brudson Media websites cost around £655 and take 7 days to go live so there’s only a week between no website and having a unique website.

Cost of not having a website

The biggest cost is not being where your customers are. 75% of customers will research online a business before visiting them in person. If you don’t have a website, you cannot inform the customer about your business enough to encourage them to visit you.

The return on your investment of a website will only increase as the majority of costs come at the beginning and then a smaller monthly fee. For example, if your website costs you £50 per month and your average customer value is £50, you only need 1 new customer per month to offset your the cost of your website.

That means the sooner you have a website, the sooner you have the opportunity to earn that money back and more.

Weighing up both sides

The cost of having a website is only money and time. Whereas the cost of not having a website is not reaching as many consumers, not being visible and fighting uphill to find customers. Be where your customers are, get aprofessional web designer to build you a website.


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