If you have a Google Business Website Read This

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January 26, 2024


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Google has provided a free website builder for customers with a Google Business Profile to easily get their business online but unfortunately, that is ending shortly.

What’s happening?

As of March 2024, Google will be closing down all websites made through their Google Business Profile Website builder. This means any content and data you have within the website will be permanently removed.

What does this mean?

Until June your business domain (URL e.g. www.brudsonmedia.com) will redirect to your Google Business Profile and after June it will show an error as it will stop working completely.

What should you do?

You will need to find a professional web designer to create you a new website, ready to replace your Google Business website so you don’t experience any outage. The sooner you can get a new website created the more time you have to organise a bespoke website which truly reflects your business.

Read more from Google here.


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